Level Up your Menstrual Hygiene with Qnix Period Underwear

Level Up your Menstrual Hygiene with Qnix Period Underwear

Cozy little ‌thing‌ ‌hugging your butt, keeping your pants from getting wet and making you look oh-so-sexy for those intimate moments, you know I'm talking about underwear! I, you, and everyone else wear it, at least I am hoping you do. 

But many a time these underwear don’t make you feel good during your periods. Sometimes there is itchiness and sometimes there are rashes. Sometimes the underwear let the blood sneak out on your clothes. The absolute worst happens when your favourite underwear has a bleached patch on it so you have to add one more item i.e. ‘panty liners’ to your grocery list. Uggh!

There is this never ending wet feeling down there. Even if your periods are way too far, your discharge haunts you with that consistent moist feeling. 

So how do you save yourself from this wet feeling?

Easy-peasy! Swap your normal underwear with Qnix BacQup Period Underwear and all your moisture will be wicked off in a tincture of a second. Be it a heavy discharge day or a pad overflow, BacQup Period Underwear has got your back. 

The BacQup Period Underwear is the perfect replacement for liners. Now you can bleed freely, without the fear of a stain, during your light bleeding days without any pad, tampon, or menstrual cup. It can also be used as double protection with Qnix Reusable Menstrual Cup, pads, and tampons, when on your period.

Pregnant ladies and new mothers we have got the solution for your bladder leaks. These undies will not make you drip even if you sneeze, run, or take part in any physical activity.  

Looking for something solid for your heavy periods?

All the heavy bleeders out there, we know how tough it is to look for a perfect menstrual product. A product that suits you, which doesn't give you rashes, is comfortable, and most importantly is stain resistant. Qnix Period Underwear has got all these qualities and is super comfy to wear.

It doesn't bulge your buttock and doesn't feel like a diaper. It acts as a lifeguard to your clothes and saves them from the catastrophe of periods. No more rashes, no more irritation, and no more moisture, only a soft hug for your butt and a sigh of relief to your vagina. Oh, not to forget, no more polluting the oceans and landfills too.

What are you waiting for? Level Up!


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