Level up with Qnix Period Underwear

Your dream of leak-resistant undies has come true: bid adieu to those uncomfortable leaks, today! The Qnix Period Underwear provides a super snug, comfy, highly absorbent and secure fit.

  • Moisture-wicking, LeaQ Resistant and controls odour

    Qnix Period Undies naturally wicks away the moisture, letting your vulva breathe easy and breezy. It also helps in controlling and containing the period odour. Qnix’s LeaQ Resistant Technology ensures that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas aka your underwear.

  • Premium Version of your regular underwear

    It's not just any other period product making any other claim. It’s the Period Underwear that feels like a regular one with extra protection for all those fluids involuntarily coming out of you! Whether you need a backup for light flow days or an end-to-end solution for heavy flows, we have you covered.

  • NOT a bulky diaper

    Yes, Qnix Period Underwear is efficient leak-resistant underwear with multiple layers to protect your bum, clothes and sheets or couch (depends on where you're sitting). No, it still doesn't feel like a bulky diaper. Try it for yourself!

  • LeaQ Resistant Technology

  • Economical and Long Lasting

  • Super Absorbent and Soft Fabric

  • Ecologically Sustainable

Make a Switch

It can be hard but essential to switch things up from time to time. Begin with using Qnix at home first to get familiar with how it works for your flow. Start Making a Switch with yourself first. Qnix serves as a complete replacement for conventional period products (like pads and liners) and is perfect as a backup for tampons and cups. Try our best-selling BacQup Period Underwear, which absorbs up to 5 - 8 regular tampons’ worth of flow.

Another way to make a positive impact by switching things up is simply by contributing your time, efforts or money to what you believe in. Do you support equal access to menstrual products for all menstruators and nurturing the environment? Help others to ‘Make a Switch’ with you, right now!