Redefining Periods

Qnix, our pandemic delivered baby, was founded with a clear purpose in mind - to reduce environmental damage by making reusable menstrual hygiene accessible to you and everyone. We at Qnix believe menstruation is a fact of life, but it does not have to cause harm to our planet. The menstrual products don't have to break the bank to be effective either. Therefore, we bring Qnix to you!

Working on a calling

Gurleen Arora founded Qnix searching for a solution for herself. She decided to take charge after ruining the clothes and sheets MULTIPLE TIMES in a single cycle. Talking to other menstruators confirmed that a lot of us were going through the same conundrum, in fact, some of us have it worse. It’s a routine of using double the quantities of product, leaking while sleeping, at the office, in school, or on a trip for some. In an endeavour to be more sustainable, she is now focused on providing revolutionary products to the Indian market and beyond.

A place to bleed free and be free - your underwear!

Over the past two years, Qnix has been conducting focused research to develop products to meet all your leaky needs. Using the finest available resources paired with avant-garde technology, we have been developing reusable and trailblazing solutions just for you. Our venture is to provide you with end-to-end comprehensive coverage for your leaky period to your leaky bladder.

Make a Switch

Make a Switch’ initiative empowers you to choose to empower others. Its main goal is to make sustainability accessible to everyone. Take a step forward in the right direction by fulfilling your need to give back to society and our planet!