Qnix ‌offers a safe space to bring everyone together to discuss, vent, interact and learn from and with people who go through all sorts of leaky days here and there. Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. ‌The wisdom of Helen Keller is worth thinking about. Our goal at Qnix is to foster open and inclusive communication ‌in order to better understand our bodies.


Are you officially ready to admit you love growing, taking care of, shopping for, and propagating plants? Nature and plant enthusiasts who’d love to flaunt their gardening journeys this is your cue to assemble! There are clean drives to be organised, plants to be watered and nature to be beautified. Let’s focus on reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time and explore menstrual waste management along with maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Changing to Qnix's sustainable menstrual products is the first step towards‌ ‌change. We have nature lovers giving out monthly recommendations on all things nature and plants.


 Hello book lovers, collectors and readers, let's come together and talk about our current, favourites, maybe even long-forgotten reads and aspire to grow while we flow. Let’s write our own story! Reading enthusiasts from the Qnix team give out monthly recommendations to feed your minds and hearts with much-needed books and chai break.

Join the Qnix Clan

 If you are an excited participant or just a silent listener we would love for you to join the Qnix Clan and contribute to your community. We got your back, let's grow with the flow. If you wish to stay updated, drop us an email at or connect with us on Whatsapp or social media or register on the link below.